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NAM, founded in December 2014, is a young Italian start-ups and an accredited spin-offs of the University of Pavia. Thanks to Stefania Grandi’s 18 years of research on the siliceous materials, the team filed the patent for  production process of the Ecoaerogel, an aerogel version totally ecological, derived from the rice husks ashes. Aerogel as well as having excellent and unique features is the best thermal insulator known to the world. NAM, in the early months of its activity, has optimized its product and in 2016 will install a plant capable of producing EcoAerogel on large-scale that will bring to the world market a technological product and at the same time “green”.

Thanks to analytical instrumentation present in the laboratories of the University, NAM can give a consultancy service on materials and also has the only one laboratory specialized in account-third service and can provide “nano-analysis” aimed to detect, determine and characterize nano- particles present in different types of samples (FFF). The main services available are:Separation of suspensions of nanoparticles, Field Flow Fractionation FFF

  • Size and distribution, DLS
  • Porosimetry: specific surface area, BET
  • Zeta potential of suspensions of nano particles
  • Thermal analysis, DSC and TGA
  • Atomic emission spectroscopy, ICP – AES
  • X ray diffractrometry: qualitative and quantitative
  • Solid state NMR investigations